Bokomo Foods Namibia is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality foods in Namibia since 1998. The Frans Indongo Group became a valued shareholder in 2007. Today the Frans Indongo Group owns 50%, with the rest belonging to South African Pioneer Foods. We supply our Namibian consumers with well-loved and trusted household brands.

We produce in Namibia

At our Brakwater plant, we produce value-added maize meal, wheat flour and pasta.

Our Maize Meal

We provide Namibian families with important staple foods, with nutritional benefit in the form of Bokomo Super Maize Meal, Special Maize Meal and the Unsifted Maize Meal range.

Our Flour

Our range of locally milled flour is loved by home bakers and professionals alike, becoming the flour of choice for bakers across the country. Milling flour of the highest quality assures that Namibians an enjoy the freshest baked breads and cakes daily. The Bokomo flour range includes Bokomo Cake Wheat Flour, Bokomo White Bread Wheat Flour, Bokomo Brown Bread Wheat Flour and Bokomo Bakery Flour and Bokomo Bakery Complete Mix.

Our Pasta

Pasta Perfecto, our wheat-based pasta is made locally from the finest ingredients and has become a trusted favourite to share every day. It is available in Macaroni and Elbow Macaroni shapes.


Our trusted Brands

Here is a list of our leading brands that are enjoyed and loved by all Namibians:

Maize Meal: Bokomo Super Maize Meal, Bokomo Special Maize Meal and Bokomo Unsifted Maize Meal
Flour: Bokomo Cake Wheat Flour, Bokomo White Bread Wheat Flour, Bokomo Brown Bread Wheat Flour, Bokomo Bakery Flour and Bokomo Bakery Complete Mix
Pasta: Pasta Perfecto, Just Pasta
Rice: Spekko and Select
Beans, Popcorn and Coconut: Imbo
Breakfast Cereals: Bokomo Weetbix, Bokomo Cornflakes, Bokomo Oats, Bokomo Otees, Bokomo Toddlers Range, Nature’s Source Muesli, ProNutro, Maltabella, Champion Instant Maize, Bokomo Rusks and Bokomo Cereal Bars
Juice and Concentrates: Ceres, Caribbean, Jabba, Wild Island and Daly’s
Meals: Heinz, John West, Smash and Werda
Spreads: Redro, Peck’s, Marmite and Bovril Ketchup, Sauces, Marinades and Vinegar: Heinz, HP and Wellington’s
Biscuits and Baking Ingredients: Moirs, Safari and Maizena
Desserts: Moirs
Snacks: Safari, Moirs, Bokomo and ProNutro


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We are committed

Bokomo Foods Namibia is committed to bringing the brands to your nearest store. We welcome your feedback, whether it be product-related, service-related or of a marketing nature. We have a 48-hour website response policy (applicable to working hours), so you can be sure you will hear back from us soon.
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